These are the projects or organisations that have received support from the Trust.

Arts & Minds, Cambridge
Using the arts to support positive mental health and wellbeing through creativity within local communities.
Arts and Minds January 2023 Report

Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health.
DFMH is a specialist community based service for people living with, or recovering from, mental ill health.
Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health January 2023 Report

HELP Counselling, Wiltshire
Charity offering a low cost confidential service to adults and young persons.
HELP Counselling Jan 2023 Report 1
HELP Counselling Jan 2023 Report 2

Resonate, Brighton
Providing musical opportunities to promote music as a way to boost wellness and health and complement existing therapies for those living with serious disability.
Resonate Music March 2023 Report

Tough Enough To Care, Dudley
Giving men a safe & non-judgmental space to be comfortable in opening up about their mental health.
Tough Enough To Care January 2023 Report

BowHaven, Tower Hamlets London
BowHaven is a community based mental health charity. People are supported to design community based initiatives together and are assets in the community, helping delivering services.
Please read Naomi Beer's experience visiting the BowHaven Art group in April 2019.
BowHaven 2018-19
BowHaven Interim Report March 2018

Bridge Support, London
Bridge Support offer mental health and wellbeing support suited to the needs of the individual. This can range from floating support visits within the community, to in-house services across our range of supported housing. Bridge Support also provide services for forensic mental health issues.

Cherry Tree Nursery, Bournemouth & Chestnut Nursery, Poole
A joint charity based on horticulture providing meaningful occupation in a supportive environment, aiming to restore well-being to people with mental illness. Please read about the lovely visit to Cherry Tree Nursery in July 2019 here!
Cherry Tree Nursery January 2020 Report
Cherry Tree Nursery April 2019 Report

Derventio Housing, Growing Lives Project, UK
Growing Lives provides easy-entry skill-building activities including cookery, computers, gardening, arts & crafts and furniture upcycling. Poor mental health is the most common barrier faced by the people accessing the project, affecting 64% of participants. For many, their mental health conditions are severe and enduring, with around half in receipt of secondary care. The 2016-17 grant went towards equipment and materials to improve access to the garden and make it more enjoyable for everyone who attends.

Evesham and District Mental Health Support Services, Evesham
This service prides itself on being a ‘safe haven’ for people to heal and connect with their peers and provision of therapies such as massage, emotional freedom techniques and counselling. Please read about the opening of Evesham's mental health centre here! The donation in 2016 provided furniture for the new premises, including a bariatric chair, tables for the arts and crafts activities and a fridge

Geoff Ashcroft Community Programme, London
"Welcoming those who feel lonely and isolated, providing a safe place for growth and discovery and sharing tools to live happier lives". There is a programme of activities each term which has included music, art therapy, film, story-telling and creative writing. The BHMT has sponsored several creative workshops run as part of the programme. Naomi Beer writes of the warm atmosphere she encountered: Geoff Ashcroft

Grain Chain & Growing Well, Cumbria
The project involves using the teaching of baking to help patients develop planning skills, short term memory and social skills - all of which suffer in mental illness. This includes working with dough therapeutically to alleviate stress. The Trust made a donation towards supporting staff and equipment for Grain Chain in 2017-18 (see below).
Grain Chain 2017-18

Hope Into Action, UK
Helping the homeless through maintaining tenancy, abstaining from crime, reducing drug intake, improving social relations, engagement with volunteering, education, training or employment and improving finance management. The Trust made a £2400 donation to Hope Into Action in 2016-17 and a donation of £2500 in 2018-19, supporting two years of housing for a person suffering from severe mental health difficulties.
Hope Into Action April 2022 Report
Hope Into Action October 2021 Report
Hope Into Action March 2019 Report
Hope Into Action March 2018 Update
Hope Into Action March 2017 Report

Justlife, Brighton
Justlife's vision is to make people’s experience of housing vulnerability as short, safe and healthy as possible. The BHMT have donated towards an inclusive Creative Studio project.
Justlife May 2020 Report
Justlife February 2020 Report

Maytree, Wiltshire
Maytree are a suicide prevention charity befriending some of the UKs most vulnerable and isolated individuals, including people with severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depression and schizoaffective disorder. Since induction in 2003 Maytree has been successful at reducing risk of suicide (measured by self-ratings) for many hundreds of people.
Maytree September 2021 Report
Maytree October 2020 Report
Maytree February 2020 Report
Maytree March 2019 Report

Music in Hospitals, UK
Music in Hospitals & Care is a UK charity bringing live music to people in hospitals and care settings across the UK.
Music In Hospitals 2020-21 Annual Report
Music In Hospitals 2020 Impact Report
Music In Hospitals January 2020 Report

Oakleaf Enterprise Arts Project, Guildford
Encouraging and helping clients by recognising the value and needs of each individual and assisting them to fulfil their aspirations, empowering them to make choices and providing a safe haven and appropriate therapy to grow in confidence and skills. A range of therapeutic and recreational activities are offered by the Charity. An art department was set up in 2015 as a result of funding from our Trust. The first visit to Oakleaf took place in March 2016.
Oakleaf January 2022 Report
Oakleaf February 2021 Report
Oakleaf January 2020 Report
Read here about the 2019 visit to Oakleaf Enterprise!
Oakleaf March 2019 Report

Off The Fence, Brighton & Hove
Antifreeze is one of the first homeless drop in centres to be established in Brighton and Hove and is currently providing hundreds of clients with 1-to-1 emotional support, housing, employability and welfare advice, and essential items such as food, clothing and sleeping bags on a day to day basis. Gateway provides a safe space for women to build friendships and receive practical and emotional support from a team of caring, committed staff. The Trust have made several donations including to the Antifreeze and Gateway projects (see below).
Off The Fence November 2022
Off The Fence October 2021
Off The Fence 2020-21
Off The Fence 2018-19
Off The Fence 2017-18
Off The Fence 2016-17

Paintings in Hospitals, UK
Paintings in Hospitals' mission is to transform the UK's health by using great art to inspire hope and wellbeing for patients, carers and communities. See below for update report.
Paintings in Hospitals August 2018

Strength and Learning Through Horses, London
Offering life changing mental health & education services including equine therapy for people aged between 4-25.
March 2023 Report
March 2022 Report

Tastelife, UK
Tastelife provide tools for recovery for those who struggle with eating disorders and for their supporters.
Tastelife April 2022 report
Tastelife January 2020 Report

Tile House Counselling, Hertfordshire
Offers affordable counselling for those who can't afford private counselling. The counselling provided is integrative, drawing on skills from psychodynamic, person-centred and cognitive behavioural methodologies. The BHMT donated £2000 in 2016-17 which provided funding for 28 sessions.

Trust Links, Southend
Trust Links offers therapeutic gardening, recovery classes, social activities, employment training and support to people living with mental health conditions and unpaid carers.
January 2023 Report
The Trust also made a donation to Trust Links Growing Together project in 2016-17

Wiltshire Mind, Wiltshire
A voluntary organisation affiliated to Mind, working towards a better life for people diagnosed (or not), labelled and treated as mentally ill. Offers peer support groups, counselling services, mental health awareness training, mindfulness groups and mental health first aid training. See below for interim grant report.
Wiltshire Mind Interim Report September 2018

You Are Not Alone (YANA), East Anglia & Worcestershire
YANA offers specific help for those involved with farming or other rural businesses in East Anglia by: providing confidential support & counselling, building understanding of mental health, and investing in Mental Health First Aid training & suicide prevention.
YANA Report July 2022

You Raise Me Up (YRMU), Sussex and Kent
Offering emotional & mental health support to families that have lost a young adult.

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